Remortgage Tools & Calculators

We’ve developed a series of tools and calculators to help you through the remortgage process.

Our free remortgage calculator allows you to determine an approximate monthly mortgage payment based off of several variables. You can enter your outstanding mortgage balance, an interest rate and a repayment term to see how adjusting your current mortgage will affect your monthly payments.

Remember this is only an estimated figure and doesn’t take into account costs or fees associated with remortgaging.

Loan to value or LTV is the percentage of your current mortgage balance compared with the value of your property. For example, a person who owns a house worth £100,000 and who has a mortgage balance of £50,000 would have an LTV of 50%. Or in other words their mortgage balance would represent 50% of the value of their property.

Our LTV calculator allows you to quickly work out your current LTV.

When using these you should keep in mind that the figures are only guides and may not represent the final figure or cost for any given product.

You should always seek expert financial advice before committing to a financial product or service.

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