Offset Remortgages

In a climate of low interest rates, choosing an offset remortgage can make far better use of your savings than leaving them earning a poor rate of interest. By using the positive balances in a current or savings accounts to offset the interest rates charged on your mortgage, you pay less interest on your outstanding home loan. For higher-rate tax payers, this can be particularly tax-efficient, as it means paying no tax on interest from savings or current account balances, whilst reducing the interest payable on a mortgage.

Offset Remortgage Deals can help you pay off your mortgage sooner

Choosing an offset remortgage deal can help pay off your mortgage earlier, because any balance in your savings or current account go towards reducing the interest you pay. It is important to compare offset remortgage deals, because there are several different types of offset mortgage products on the market. For example, some people may be suited to the greater certainty offered by a fixed rate offset mortgage, whilst a variable rate offset remortgage might be suitable for others. Some lenders offer offset mortgages which are linked to current and savings accounts, whilst others offer simple current account mortgages (‘CAMs’) which combine both mortgage and current account into one pot.

Whichever type of offset remortgage you choose, it’s important to know you’ve found the right deal for your circumstances – fill in your details on our enquiry form and we’ll put you in touch with an FCA authorised mortgage expert.

The advantages of an offset remortgage include:
  • Pay lower interest on your mortgage balance – in effect an overpayment each month
  • Tax-efficient if you regularly have larger balances on current or savings accounts
  • Flexibility - a range of different offset remortgage deals are available, including fixed, variable and tracker offset mortgages

Compare Offset Remortgage Deals

Given the range of different offset mortgages and providers, it is vital to compare deals before remortgaging.  With Remortgage Search we take the hassle out of finding the right offset remortgage deal. Simply complete our easy-to-use form, and you can normally expect a response from an FCA authorised mortgage expert within the hour. Even if you have adverse credit history, CCJs or an IVA, we can help you find the right offset remortgage deal.

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