Repayment Remortgages

The benefit of choosing a repayment remortgage is simple – your home loan repayments go towards paying off the capital sum, in addition to the interest. Whilst your monthly payment will be higher than it would with an interest-only mortgage, it means the amount outstanding on your loan will reduce gradually over the mortgage term.

What is the best Repayment Remortgage Deal on the market?

The best repayment remortgage deal for you will depend entirely on your circumstances. There are many different types of mortgage products, with varying degrees of flexibility, and each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you are considering remortgaging, you might want to explore the following types of repayment remortgage:

  • Tracker remortgage
  • Variable rate remortgage
  • Fixed rate remortgage
  • Capped remortgage
Is a repayment remortgage the right option for me?

The answer to this question depends on your own personal circumstances and should be discussed with your financial adviser before any decision is made.

An interest only remortgage is an option for some people. While this form of mortgage has been used to finance property speculation these days it’s mainly used where the person has a repayment vehicle with an expected higher yield than the interest on the mortgage.

In other words the principle that would otherwise be used to pay off the mortgage is invested to be used to pay off the mortgage at the end of its term.

How can I find the best Repayment Remortgage Rates?

With thousands of different repayment remortgage deals on the market, if you’re contemplating remortgaging, it pays to get sound advice first. By filling in our simple enquiry form, we’ll compare repayment remortgage deals on offer from the top lenders, to find the right remortgage deal for your circumstances. What’s more, our FCA authorised mortgage advisors have access to a panel of lenders, with a portfolio of over 7,500 mortgages to choose from. This means we can offer expert, unbiased advice and find you the right repayment remortgage quote for your needs.

Compare Repayment Remortgage Quotes

Given the range of different repayment mortgages and providers, it is vital to compare deals before remortgaging.  With Remortgage Search we take the hassle out of finding the right offset remortgage deal. Simply complete our easy-to-use form, and you can normally expect a response from an FCA authorised mortgage advisor within the hour. Even if you have adverse credit history, CCJs or an IVA, we can help you find the right offset remortgage deal.

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