Remortgage Calculator

Our remortgage calculator has been designed to help you determine an estimated monthly mortgage repayment amount based on the size of the loan and the prevailing interest rate.

Remortgaging to save

Lowering your current interest rate or paying your mortgage off quicker may result in a considerable saving over the lifetime of the loan – simply enter a desired interest rate and loan duration to find out how much you could save.

Remortgaging to raise capital

In some situations remortgaging may be a cost effective way to raise capital using the equity in your home. Simply add the amount you wish to raise to your current mortgage balance to see how raising capital against you home will affect your monthly repayments

Using the remortgage calculator

The calculator will help you to determine mortgage affordability, but the final figure will not take into account the costs associated with remortgaging such as:

  • Broker fees
  • Lender arrangement fees
  • Legal Fees

For a complete illustration of the products available to you, their associated costs and your ultimate monthly repayments you should seek advice from a mortgage expert.

Remortgage Payment Calculator
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